Little-Known Car Insurance Discounts

Car insurers usually offer more discounts than you would expect. We'll tell you about five little-known discounts here.

Save Big with These Discounts

You might think you've already exhausted every car insurance discount you qualify for, but insurers are offering more and more ways for you to save on your premiums. Keep these five discounts in mind as you look for fast car insurance quotes (or even car loan quotes with some lenders):

  • Your college major pays off. Everyone knows a college degree is worth a mint these days, but you probably didn't know that it can also save you money on car insurance. In general, the more education you have, the lower your rates will be. You can also save money on fast car insurance quotes if you majored in a certain discipline. The 21st Century group discovered that drivers with engineering degrees represent a lower risk than other drivers. So, if you have a bachelor's in engineering or any science-related discipline-such as mathematics, biochemistry, or chemical engineering-you might get a substantial discount on your premiums.
  • Teaching has its rewards. Teachers are not usually the wealthiest group of people in the world, but they are some of the safest drivers. Teaching and farming are two of the lowest-risk occupational groups of all, according to statistical data. As a result, some insurers offer discounts for educators. Ask your agent or representative if they offer this discount when you sign up for fast car insurance quotes.
  • Military personnel get a break. Active and retired members of the armed forces may qualify for a discount of 2%-15% with some insurers. The military personnel discount may not be available in all states. If you are in the military, some car insurance companies will allow you to drop all coverages except comprehensive if you are deployed overseas. You might even get a discount on your comprehensive premiums with some companies.
  • Your twilight years can lower your bill. If you are over 50 years old, you can qualify for AARP's car insurance savings program. You will have to get fast car insurance quotes from a particular company, but members can reduce their premiums by as much as 45%. Almost all car insurers offer a senior-citizen discount to drivers over the age of 65.
  • Buy online. Completing online driver safety courses can save you money with several car insurers. You could save up to 10% by completing online courses offered by the National Safety Council, for example. These courses are usually fairly cheap and can be completed in just a few hours. Talk to your agent when you get fast car insurance quotes if you're interested in more information.

Another thing to consider when looking into saving money is if you need optional coverages or not. Find out the information and tips we have given regarding optional coverages.

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