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Frequently Asked Questions about Fast Car Insurance Quotes

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about fast car insurance quotes.

I got a letter from my car insurer saying that they have reviewed my credit and are raising my rates as a result. Can they do that?

Yes, your credit score is a big part of how your premiums are calculated. People with lower credit scores tend to be a higher risk for collision, so insurers charge them more. If you are unhappy with your new rates, you can always get fast car insurance quotes from different companies through our site.

My car is 20 years old but runs perfectly. Should I even bother with anything but liability coverage?

Comprehensive and collision coverage may be unnecessary in your case, depending on the actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle. If you know your vehicle has little or no cash value, then carrying comprehensive and collision coverage would be a waste of money. These coverages will pay to replace or repair your car up to its actual cash value only, which would be close to nothing with older cars. When you get fast car insurance quotes, you might consider getting a liability-only policy and then putting the money you save on premiums in an account to use if you have an accident. Also, be sure to look into optional coverages for special situations.

How much liability coverage do I need to carry to drive legally?

Every state has different requirements. Some states have mandatory minimum levels of liability coverage, while others just require proof of financial responsibility. If you're unsure of your state's car insurance requirements, you should contact the department of insurance before you get fast car insurance quotes. You can check out the department's website for more information on car insurance laws in your state.

I want to get quotes on your site, but do they come with any obligations?

No, our fast car insurance quotes are free of charge and obligation. You are not obligated to purchase a policy from any of our insurers if you don't want to.

Are my quotes erased after I sign up for them?

No, after you receive your free quotes and compare them, we give you the option to save them and visit our site any time. This gives you more time to think over your decision or look into other offers if you wish.

Are you a car insurer?

We are a complimentary referral service that provides fast car insurance quotes. We are not a car insurance company, and we do not write policies.

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